Thea Kristine Tangen Kiær (London, England, 1988) is a Norwegian visual artist based in Trondheim. 

She holds a Bachelor degree in Early Childhood Educations and Care (2014) from Queen Maud University College and University of Tromsø, Norway. She is also an interior designer by education (2008) from Høyskolen Kristiania, Oslo, Norway, and is very interested in working with placing art into interior.

Thea has taken a one-year program as an art teacher (2018) at the University of South- Eastern Norway, Notodden, Noray, and worked part-time as an art teacher at a primary school in Trondheim and as a art mediator at Kunsthall Trondheim, Norway.

Today she is studying BA (Hons) Painting at The Open College of The Arts, University for the Creative Arts, UK, as an online student. Besides being a visual artist, Thea is working as an art teacher at Arttik Trondheim where she teaches painting. She is also planning a online course portal at this website where she will publish two online courses in her mixed media techniques. Stay tuned!

Based in painting, drawing, printmaking, digital art, knit design and mixed media techniques Thea is exploring shapes, rhythms and colours to visualise human emotions, societal issues, and being a channel for messages from the spirit world through various mixed media expressions.

Thea works very intuitively and spontaneously and creates what comes to her the moment she is in her creative zone. Her paintings are both figurative and abstract, with strong and intense colours and harmonic and fragile expressions.






Although Thea started drawing and painting at an early age, her desire to develop in the arts started with attending a course in how to make a Byzantine icon at the young age of fifteen. She learned the craft of the old icon tradition and just got eager to learn more about art. 

Thea has managed to have several exhibitions and received big recognition for her art. She was accepted for inclusion in the international art book, International Contemporary Artists Vol III, (2011) published in New York and Athens by ICA Publishing. Thea was requested to exhibit at TIA, Trevisan International Art, The Illusion of Reality (2019) at Galleria De Marchi, Bologna, IT. She attended with her series of epoxy resin paintings titled Under the surface. Thea also exhibited at Akron Gallery, Trondheim, NO (2019). In 2020 Thea had her first solo exhibition at Gallery F48, Oslo, NO. In 2021 Thea is going to have two solo exhibitions, starting at Det Øde Galleri og Skaperi, Røyse, in january. Her next will be at Galleri F48, Oslo, in august/september 2021.

A little fun fact is that the world-renowned painter, Frits Thaulow, is her great great grandfather.



Here Thea is holding a picture of her great-grandmother, Ingrid Kiær, who was an artist and among other things has decorated the entire church room in Ranheim church, NO. Ingrid Kiær was also the daughter of the world-famous painter, Frits Thaulow, who is then Thea's great-great-grandfather!